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Kid Sisters Catherine and Maggie!


These two ardorable girls were working it for the camera when I shot their portraits on Seaside Beach this week. Here are a few sample pics:

Just chillin and relaxin!

Look at that face!

Checkin out the boys!

Catchin some air time!

This is her baby sister! Isn't she cute?

She loves sticking her tongue out!

Again with the tongue! :)

There's nothing like having a big sister to look after you! :)

Samantha and Mike's Wedding


Samantha and Mike had their destination wedding in Pensacola this weekend and were an absolute dream to work with. Their wedding was very simple but that gave us time to have some fun afterwards . Photography was very high on their priority list so they were game for whatever - including getting in the water with her wedding dress!

As you can probably tell these guys look insanely gorgeous together and the first thoughts that came to mind when I met them were:

1. These guys are in the military? They should be modeling for Calvin Klein!

2. I want first dibbs on shooting their baby portraits if they have kids.

3. No one is going to believe that this is a real wedding couple!

These guys are totally adorable together!

I somehow got the feeling that if Samantha was willing to go in the water she would not have a problem laying on the sand in her dress!

Since these guys were so easy to work and totally relaxed infront of the camera, I really wanted to go with something a bit edgier.

When I asked Samantha if she wanted Mike to take off his shirt for some shots she was like " ummm YEEAAAAAAHH!" Sorry ladies he is already married!

Gretchen and Jess gettin hitched!


These guys were so much fun to work with. I am so glad I got to shoot their engagement session. Jess was a complete ham in front of the camera. In fact the picture below was the one they chose for their large wall portrait and everyone at the wedding totally got why they picked it! There were so many great engagment shots. I hope to post more of them here soon.

As you can probably tell this is not your typical engagement couple!

The bride had a great view of the set up from her 3rd floor bedroom

Jennifer and Matt's Engagement Pics


When I first met Jennifer and Matt I knew that they were going to be a lot fun to work with. Its usually to find a couple where BOTH the guy and the girl are totally at ease with the camera. They were ready to go from the very first shot!

These guys look like a couple of koala bears!

And here is a sneak peak from Jennifer's bridal session...

Jennifer is probably the most humble bride I've met and I think she did an amazing job for her pictures!

Fashion Shoot for Coastal Weddings Magazine


I had the pleasure of shooting photos of Allison for the upcoming issue of Costal Weddings Magazine earlier this week. The location was in one of the gorgeous Penthouse Suites at the new Beach Club resort located on Pensacola Beach. The dresses were provided by Brenda Caraway at the Bridal Loft in Cordova Square.

First up is the Pronovias dress:

As you can probably see, Allison had a lot of fun in this dress!
Up next is a more classic dress designed by Emerald Bridal:

Here are some extra pictures of the location. It has probably one of my favorite kitchen designs of all time:

Josh & Karina tie the knot at last!


These guys were so much fun to work with. Karina was a violinist at at wedding that I shot at a wedding back in 2006. How time flies! They told me photography was their top priority and even relocated the wedding to Madison, Florida because they thought it would help for better pictures. Wow! Sounds like my type of couple!

As you can see these guys are ridiculously cute together. High school sweethearts, first loves, the whole shabang. Josh is a true romantic. He even asked Karina's father for permission just to date her! Josh writes his own songs and just graduated from the Air Force Academy so I'm sure he was an easy sell to her dad!

This will sound unbelievable but Karina has zero modeling experience even though she looks like she just lept out of an ad for CoverGirl or Calvin Klein! She was a bit shy at first but she turned out to be a complete natural!

If you guys are wondering why she's laying down for her bridal pics I can tell you that it was because the wind was fierce at the beach that day. The silver lining was that it made her hair look like she was modeling for a shampoo comercial. And yes, her dress was completely clean after laying in the sand!

The Wedding was at this gorgeous mansion that was built in the 1860s. It had gigantic 20ft high ceilings and gorgeous wide plank flooring. Not just the entrance way. The whole house! I was ready to move in!

This was a first for me. A whole entire room was designated just for the bridal and engagment photos! My head could barely fit in this room! The photos were a HUGE hit with the guests.

This is why I show the bride the bridal album before the make up goes on :)

Lauren: mother, wedding planner, gnat crusher, dress lady.

O' where O'where can Josh be?

Karina really is playing the piano in this photo. The accoustics inside the mansion were amazing. Later on in the evening, a classical ensemble was playing for the guests in this same spot.

Karina taking a break from all that piano playing...

During the ceremony, Josh surpised everyone and busted out with the guitar and sang "I Will Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman right on the alter. He announced that he had always wanted to sing this song to his wife one day. Even more amazing is that Karina had always dreamed that her future husband would sing the same exact song to her on her wedding day. All of this was before either one of them had ever met each other! Fate anyone?

As you can probably imagine, just about everyone in the place lost it. It was a beautiful song and his voice sounded a lot like James Taylor.

Josh and Karina decided they would break tradition and rock the bells themselves!

Ok these people need to seriously stop loitering around my house!

Check out Karina's sister on the far right. Does she know that she's going to catch the bouquet later on that night? The guy next to her is jumping because he's still single!

This violin was made in the late 19th century. I thought this ring pic would be fitting since the bride is a classical violinist and because music was such an important part of the wedding day.

After the Wedding


On my way home I went back to find this amazing tobacco barn that I saw a couple of days ago on the way to the rehersal dinner. The picture doesn't really convey it, but this building is HUGE. It is about 4 stories tall and has a full grown tree growing inside of it!

and here are few more photos i took along the way:

I think the locals of Madsion were probably jaded to these huge beautiful mossy oaks because they were everywhere. Not a pine tree in sight!

I had to shoot this picture quick. There were bees swarming all around my head!

As you can probably see, even on my days off I'm still shooting!

Nathan's Senior Portrait Session


Nathan was probably one of the easiest guy I've ever shot. Very easy to work with and a super nice guy. He also likes to swing dance so I don't think he will have any problem with the ladies!


Mark and Rosalinda's Engament session


This was a super fun couple and we had a great time shooting downtown. These guys were inseparable!

I almost got stepped on in this photo!

Danette's Senior Portrait


Danette was a little shy at first during the session but she really opened up to the camera later on. She's going to have guys fighting over her wallet photos!

Leanne's Bridal Session


Because of some complications we weren't able to shoot Leanne's bridal session until after the wedding. Now that we didn't have to be so careful with her dress we had a lot more options open to us. She told me that she was game for anything so we drove around looking for some fun!

We actually had to shoot this hitch hiking shot pretty quick before cars came screeching to a halt to give her a lift! However, if they would have seen her Auburn football player husband they would have done a complete 180.

When I told Leanne that this would make a great promotional pic to get more destination brides to come to Pensacola she busted out with a Vanna White.

Wow! Where did this look come from?!

Because Leanne's dress was so big we had to haul her around in the back of the SUV. She was a great sport and by the end of the day she was practically doing cartwheels into the back!

Hot Engagement Session!


Jen and Mark flew in from California for their engagement session and we had an absolute blast! They had never been to Pensacola before so I had to sell them on our sugar white beaches to get them to come down here. I'm glad they did because I really got to know them and now I am really excited to be shooting their wedding this July in California! As you can tell They were not shy about their love for each other (especially since they didn't know anyone here!)

As you can see the shoot started out normal enough...

uh oh! What's this?!!

Souther Wedding Style Magazine Debut!


The Debut Party for Bliss Event Group's new magazine Southern Wedding Style was a Huge Hit! The Wedding I shot in Ireland of Hanan and Howard was featured in their magazine. The premier issue will be out on newstands soon!

Here are some of the photos that are in the magazine.

Out on Newstands!


It has been a crazy hectic schedule, but I wanted to post some more photos of some of my clients that are getting some great exposure right now

One of our brides is on the cover of Emerald Coast Brides! It's out on newstands in 17 states in the southeast. We shot Kelly's wedding at a castle in Maryland last year but she flew down to Pensacola for her bridal shoot. You would never know it by the cover photo, but she and her husband are one of the most down to earth fun couples you could ever meet. Plus they are HUGE fan of the Simpsons so that is a HUGE plus in my book!

Coastal Weddings Magazine Featured Couple

Kristen & Johan's wedding is featured as "the Wedding of a Lifetime" in the latest issue of Coastal Weddings This couple had an amazing engagement session. They currently reside in Munich Germany.

Transworld Surf Magazine

Pensacola Native Ashton Shane is the Girl of the Month in the latest Transworld Surf Magazine. She flew in from her current residence of LA for a beach shoot. This was her featured photo.

Extreme Boats Magazine Features Bride

Ashley was a bride of ours that thought it would be fun to have some photos taken for a calendar contest and to surprise her future husband. She had no modeling experience, but she acted like a true professional when we had to shoot on a cold and windy February day in a bathing suit. She didn't win the contest but she scored a 2 full page spread in the latest issue of Extreme Boats magazine as girl of the month. Needless to say, her husband Matt was very very happy!

Born to be Rich

Rollan Roberts made his first million by age 22 and has been going strong ever since. He currently is the author of Born To Be Rich and teaches seminars across the country. He came down from Atlanta for some headshots for his new book and tour.

American Idol Contestant makes it to Hollywood finals!

If you have been following this season's American Idol, you might have noticed Penacola Native, Lindsey Blanton on your TV screen. Lindsey got her yellow ticket to compete in Hollywood which is a HUGE deal when you consider the thousands and thousands of contestants she was up against. She has an amazing voice and is currently finishing up her Debut Album that East Hill Photo shot the pictures for.

Party at MySpayce April 1st 2008!


It will be on April fools day but this is no joke! This is an exclusive premier party for the first issue of Southern Wedding Style magazine. It's by invitation only but you can get in by contacting us or Bliss Events Group to get in. You can see a lot of our work in the magazine as well as meet some of the best wedding vendors in the area. We will also have a booth set up so if can make it come by and say hi!

First Blog Entry!


I finally got a chance to take some photos of the new studio downtown on Gregory St. and I thought i'd share some of them here. It's a lot more space than our old photography studio on Jackson street and has great ceiling height for creative studio sessions. Brides if you drive by our old office and see a vacant building for sale don't freak out. We are still in business :)

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